Breakup happens now and then, but it seems predestined before the union even began. There is just something very simple and special in a relationship that would work or would not work. It is glaring to know a relationship that would last, but many may not care about little details, true feelings, but just want to be lost in what is called a relationship; as they race away from time, loneliness, status and shame. The joke is always that we will attribute our breakup to something, whereas we should have known from the beginning.

The first root of breakup is very simple – NO CHEMISTRY

Chemistry is that complex (not easily defined) feeling of connection that could express itself with attraction, freedom, fondness, telepathy and other means of expression that make the people in that relationship like their relationship and think its special, compared to other relationships. When you hear: ‘the two of them are inseparable’, it is the chemistry the speaker sees in a couple that he/she insinuates. Chemistry just shows. It is the click and the manner a couple talk, relate and live together in a special way that seem they were meant for each other.

The feeling from amazing chemistry is almost ‘Magical’, bet that it is true and can happen to anyone. You may not have control over it, but it is there and you don’t know how. You cannot even produce chemistry, it just happens and it is so beautiful and inspiring. There is some truth if I say that we are all patterning or modeling our relationships after some relationship that has/had amazing chemistry. Someone could proudly say after a breakup: ‘I knew they would breakup… they were not just right for each other’. It is sometimes about just Chemistry, though there is more to a relationship than Chemistry.

We could learn from what Chemistry gives to a relationship and find our way to good lasting relationships:

1. Freedom: Freedom is a simple and common word but may be complex when it comes to an intimate relationship. Any intimate relationship that you are not free with a person is bound to fail if not become a mere contract. You will want to say something, try something new, kiss in a different way, or even say NO; but you really cannot in a relationship you do not find freedom. Your soul is not free, but you endure a size genetics you probably have reasons for, than the relationship being beautiful.

2. Attraction: Come on… What chooses the one you like? What is the reason many women have been called the most beautiful woman in the world? Just go for the one you are physically attracted to. This is because deep inside us, we are sensual and would readily want to reconcile with the one that appeals to our senses than with one we tolerate their look.

3. Fondness: I know the feeling of always wanting to see someone. I understand how you don’t just want to go off the phone or chat till late at night and rather dose in the bus. You can’t have enough is just a good sign someone is perfect for you.

4. Magic: Not everyone is funny, but often than not good chemistry makes someone that is not funny, funny. Good chemistry invents jokes, games and dates that make the couple love their union. I hear the giggle as I write. I see the wide smile that reaches the ear. This may not happen to all, but I plead that you keep, hold unto, or go look for that person that gave you magic. He or she may be the one for you.

5. Inspiration: True chemistry sure inspires. It wants you to do more. It makes you glow and wants you at your best. There you keep a neat shave and use a beautiful underwear. You want to get the best job and get more money for the two of you. You will be happy and want all that will make you two happy.

6. Sharing: Everything in chemistry is about sharing. Talk will be cheap because it is easy. You will not be able to withhold something. You could think alike and share in moments of laugh and giggle that has time pass by without your notice. You would bond in tears and pain.

7. Love: Let me call love ‘The Adamant’ now. Yes, love could be that feeling or being in Love that state of being where nothing else matters but the goodness and wonderful feeling you share with someone. It could be silly that a bad breath would not matter. It would be stupid that one does not feel used. You can go any mile and it just feels like the best thing. Yes, chemistry inspires love, if it is not a part of love.

The essence of this write-up is that we look for these qualities in people we meet to guide us to make and keep lasting relationships. You will definitely meet people or want to meet people, let these qualities guide you. The above stated and Chemistry are not all that a relationship needs to last, but are what makes it easy, beautiful and enjoyable. Always cherish and appreciate who and what makes you feel and come out of yourself. Those people or things are so rare, and would not wait on you forever. Digital Love wants you to live and love and be Happy in this Digital Age.